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Best Kid Friendly All Inclusive Vacation Resort in DR

Children are celebrated here at the worlds best family friendly all inclusive resort!

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club offers a great vacation for kids to experience. Kids tell us they enjoy having their own private pool which is provided in our kid friendly vacation villas. Kids tell us they also enjoy the children’s sections, available in all of the resort pools. And of course what kids would love – the day trip passes to Ocean World.

It’s A Great Kids Vacation

With plenty of child-approved activities to enjoy, parents can rest assured that their kids will have a fun time on this family vacation as well.Trying to find the balance of fun for you and the kids can be challenging.

If you’ve got kids and you’re looking for the best kid friendly vacation in Puerto Plata, Lifestyles Resort is it. Your Kids will agree that the Lifestyle Resort in Puerto Plata is the best all inclusive family resort.

What Activities Can My Kids Enjoy At Lifestyles All Inclusive Resort?

Children will not only be able to swim in the pools and at the beach, but they will also enjoy going to Ocean World. VIP vacation packages include a one-day pass for each family member to Ocean World, a unique adventure family theme park.

The VIP Fun Is All Inclusive!

Can you say; extotic experiences! We’ve got those, check.

Here at the resort kids are VIP! Our VIP guests can snorkel in the Tropical reef aquarium, enjoy a shark, dolphin, or sea lion show. Lifestyles VIP one-day pass holders to Ocean World have access to the dolphin beach and the fresh water pool.

Your children just might say, this is the greatest kids vacations of all time!

The Hot Spot For Families & Kids! And Guess What? You’re Invited!

On Sundays, there is typically a Beach Party held for all VIP members of the Lifestyles resort. Festivities at the party include a live band and a fireworks show. This is a fun family event to attend during your vacation. If you want to provide a great vacation experience for your kids then bring them to the Lifestyle all inclusive resort in Puerto Plata.

Other Activities For Kids

  • Kid’s Resort Club and Kid’s Art Club
  • Supervised Kid’s Club Opened Daily from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Daily Activities Program for Children 4 to 12 years old
  • Two Children’s Pools with Waterslides
  • Mini-Disco
  • Teen’s Club
  • Playground

Are Babysitting Services Offered At This Kid Friendly Resort?

Yes! If Mom and Dad would like some time alone to participate in the adult activities during their vacation, a babysitter can be reserved for the children.

Its Not Just About The Kids It’s About You!

Planning a kid friendly vacation is not just about the kids, its really about Mom and Dad. Its about that feeling Mom and Dad get when they see their kids having the time of their life on the family vacation they planned.

Its about those quiet intimate dinners and quality time you get to spend with your special someone, while the kids are being entertained. Its about those moments of excitement you get to experience that make you remember, you’re alive! Its about the moments you can just be you, like before there were kids, remember that time? Booking your vacation will allow you to rekindle those moments and get a little YOU time.

Our All Inclusive Is Truly For Families & Kids

Some resorts say they’re family friendly but they are really just kid tolerant. The lifestyle resort is considered a great kids vacation because the all inclusive experience is centered around what kids really want.

This All Inclusive Family Resort Is Popular

Reservations need to be set up with the babysitter in advance to ensure one will be available during the time you need.

Our kids vacation programs often fill up so make your reservations early.

Contact us today to plan the perfect all inclusive family vacation.